Can Frame Damage Be Fixed?

The frame on a truck or car can be bent when hit in a collision. These frames are not weak, so it takes a lot of force to bend them. Because of this, it also takes an enormous amount of power to pull them back straight.

We have a Chief frame machine equipped with lasers to make sure that:

  • Your frame is returned to its original shape
  • Everything is done to incredibly tight tolerances, so you don’t wind up with problems down the road

Your insurance adjuster will decide in most cases whether it makes sense to repair the frame or consider your vehicle a total loss, depending on the value of your ride. However, there is generally not a technical limitation on our ability to bring your frame back into line.

Why Frame Damage Is So Critical

When you are in an accident and the frame of your vehicle is bent or twisted, it affects its structural integrity. This means that the main part of the vehicle protecting you from the outside world is compromised.

It is nearly impossible to have correct wheel alignment if your frame is not straight. If you think about it, this makes sense. It’s like trying to build a straight wall on an uneven foundation. No matter how much you measure and adjust, it will not be right until the foundation is fixed.

One additional problem with a bent frame is that your body panels and doors will never sit quite flush or line up right. Again, the frame forms the base on which the rest of the vehicle is built up, so this needs to be right. As long as it is not straight, it will likely cause other components on your ride to fail and break.

If you need a frame straightened, give us a call and we’ll give you a free estimate. Our team has the right equipment, training and technical experience to get your car or truck’s frame back to its original shape.