Our Services

windshield damage

While we are a body shop, we also take care of light mechanical work. These are not just a “side job” for us. We take just as much care with your vehicle when working on your starter as we would repairing and refinishing a rear quarter panel. Here are some of the services we offer:

Oil and Fluid Changes

These are regular maintenance items but crucial to the health of your car or truck. We use only quality products at the levels recommended by the manufacturer. This can be done while your vehicle is here for other services or you can schedule this separately.

Belts and Hoses

If a belt or hose is bad, it can sideline your vehicle quickly. We’ll check your belts and hoses while your car or truck is with us and let you know if any of them are worn or, in the case of hoses, if any have clamps that are bad or wearing. Replacing all belts and hoses is also part of the scheduled maintenance on your vehicle, which is an important proactive measure to keep you on the road and out of trouble.


Being able to stop is at least as important as your ability to go. We can take care of all parts of your brake system, including brake fluid, brake lines, discs, rotors and pads. If your brake pads are wearing, we can replace them with OEM parts. It’s important to take care of this before you wear down to the metal. While we can handle disk and rotor repairs, it’s better to replace the pads before it gets to that point.


When any part of your suspension is bad, it affects ride quality and possibly safety and steering. We work on all parts of your vehicle’s suspension, such as shocks, struts, springs, bushings, bearings, joints and linkages. Many people don’t realize that wheels and tires are also part of the suspension.

Electrical & AC

In Arizona, you need a working AC system in your ride. We service all parts of the air conditioner in your car or truck. We also take care of other electrical components, such as starters and alternators.