Your Refinishing Experts

Our paint pros will refinish your vehicle back to its original factory color. We use PPG waterborne paint and color match system that allows us to get a great match for the existing color on your ride, so nobody will be able to tell where the new paint is.

windshield damage

In addition to late model vehicles, we also have years of experience refinishing classic cars and trucks at our sister company San Tan Hot Rods. We can do custom colors, even matching a paint chip or an object you bring in. Whether you want a single color or a multi-tone finish, we can take care of you. Finishes are available in standard, pearlescent and metallic variants. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll be happy to discuss options with you. We love this stuff!

Why We Use PPG Waterborne Finishes

The PPG finishes we use in our shop give you a paint job that will last for years and not fade, like some other products. The computer matching system makes it simple to match the OEM color of your vehicle or any other color you want to replicate.

Waterborne finishes enable great looking results without using the old solvent based solutions, which are in many cases not as good and certainly not environmentally friendly. The PPG finishes also have great coverage, which allows us to apply a more even coat with less paint, reducing waste and giving you a better result.

For us, using waterborne finishes makes sense on many levels: better results, a better work environment due to drastically reduced odors and a better choice for the planet.

Our Experience

We have been refinishing vehicles for years and the results show it. The finish on your car is the first thing anyone sees. Don’t cross your fingers and hope the paint job you get is ‘good enough’. Give us a call and let us do it right. You will be glad you did, like our many other happy customers!